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My Approach
I work as an integrative psychotherapist. My aim is to work with you to create a safe environment so I can explore with you the issues of your life . Psychotherapy affirms the inherent value of each individual. It is unifying psychotherapy that responds appropriately and effectively to the person holistically by including the affective behaviour, cognitive and physiological levels of functioning as well as the spiritual dimension of life.
I offer a safe confidential environment to focus on and resolve personal issues which may be causing pain, worry or anxiety or a general unhappinesss or "stuckness" in life.
Counselling / psychotherapy offers time out from the pressures of life. My belief is the self healing of each unique individual to promote change using the therapeutic relationship between the client and myself. This is a continuous and ongoing through a trusting therapeutic relationship. I aim to promote insight and compassionate understanding of self.
Childhood relationships play a key part in behaviour patterns and therapy enables people to recognise these patterns and to bring about change and integration.
I have developed an interest in mindfulness and have seen how and mindful approach can change things. It allows you to heighten your awareness of the world around you so you can observe your thoughts and feelings rather than getting caught up in them. You can learn how to regulate your breathing and take a pause to choose how to respond.

What Conditions Can it Help?

  • depression, loneliness, boredom, stress, or general malaise
  • feelings of lack of fulfilment or purpose in life.
  • relationships at home or at work.
  • continuing fear and anxiety around situations or events from the past.
  • low confidence or self-esteem, or negative body image.
  • life changes, such as a loss of job, relationship, a divorce, bereavement, issues around pregnancy.
  • self-harm, alcoholism, or addiction.
  • insomnia, panic attacks, OCD, or phobias.
  • self-loathing feelings, sense of futility, or suicidal thoughts.
  • management of chronic health conditions.

    What Benefits can be Expected?
    Work towards meeting the goals agreed in counselling sessions that will improve your situation.
    You will gradually be able to think and behave differently with the counselling and psychotherapy having far reaching effects, such as improving your mood, your self-esteem, your confidence and your relationships.

    We can work out if you wish to go ahead by contacting me below. -

    PLEASE PHONE 07391108530 OR EMAIL BY CLICKING ON HOME PAGE. Fees are negotiable depending on your financial circumstances.

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